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For Immediate Release: May 24, 2007

Central Boiler Leads the Way in Green Technology for Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Becoming the Only to Receive an EPA Qualifying Label

GREENBUSH, MN – Central Boiler announced today that the E-Classic is the only outdoor wood furnace to receive a qualifying label for meeting the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heater program. Earlier this year, Central Boiler signed a partnership agreement with the EPA to promote the manufacture and sale of cleaner outdoor wood furnaces. According to the EPA, new furnaces that meet this program will be about 70 percent cleaner.

As a leader in the industry, Central Boiler has developed another first. The E-Classic is the only furnace on EPA’s list of cleaner outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters. This new furnace offers one of the cleanest ways to burn wood and can replace multiple indoor wood stoves. The EPA accredited testing laboratory report shows the E-Classic has efficiencies that rival high efficiency gas furnaces.

“Outdoor wood furnaces have always been a terrific investment, with significant savings for our customers, as well as an extremely attractive technology for reducing our dependence on foreign fuels,” noted Dennis Brazier, CEO of Central Boiler. “The E-Classic takes it one step further with a significant breakthrough in green technology, which we believe will make our product one of the most environmentally friendly on the market today.”

The use of this renewable energy along with the new cleaner technology of the E-Classic provides consumers a choice they never had before. The E-Classic is expected to become available during the upcoming heating season.

Outdoor wood furnaces are popular because of the safety they offer by removing the wood burning process from inside the home and the convenience of longer burn times. The fact that they can be used with various applications for whole house heating, such as in-floor radiant heat and/or to heat domestic water is another benefit they provide. No other type of wood heating appliance can offer all the advantages of an outdoor wood furnace. An economical, environmentally responsible heating alternative, outdoor wood furnaces use a totally renewable resource which, when burned, results in no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide).
Central Boiler is a leading manufacturer of quality outdoor wood, wood pellet and corn furnaces. They have been manufacturing outdoor furnaces for 23 years. Central Boiler has a sales and dealer network established throughout the United States and Canada.  For more information on the company and its products, please visit centralboiler.com.
** Revised on June 5, 2007
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